Announcement Time!….

Alright, I’m back! And it’s finally, FINALLY announcement time! Little does everyone know just how long I’ve actually been waiting for this. I love and appreciate you all for sticking through this with me!

After transfer, they do what’s called Beta tests. I had to go for two, one at 9 days post transfer and a second at 12 days post transfer. What these tests are looking for are the hormone Hcg in my system, which your body produces when you’re pregnant. They also checked my estrogen and progesterone levels one last time to make sure they were at a level that would sustain said pregnancy.

The tests were ordered to be same day. Unfortunately, the lab messed up so we had a longer wait for the results to the first test. It was of course done on a Friday, so although the results did get sent to my clinic on Saturday, no one was in the office. We ended up receiving them Monday morning, and the second test Monday afternoon.

My IPs wanted to wait until the Beta test to know the results. I told myself I wouldn’t be that girl testing super soon after transfer, but guess what I turned immediately into? Haha. There I was beginning my testing at 3.5 days post transfer. Once the Beta results were late, though, my IPs messaged me and asked me to test at home so they didn’t have to wait through the weekend, which I was hoping they would do all along if we’re being honest here. It was so hard not to share every little thing with them for those days!

Well, it’s officially official. The results came in and… I AM PREGNANT!! ❤️ I’m so incredibly happy for my IPs and so blessed to be able to grow this little miracle for them.

Coming July 2020. My IPs will officially be a party of 3!

Announcing publicly makes everything feel so much more real! It has been a VERY long time coming! During the contract phase, I agreed to wait until I had at least been officially released from the clinic to my OBGYN to announce anything. As I’m sure anyone knows, early pregnancy carries a high risk of miscarriage, or other issues like a chemical pregnancy. I agreed to wait until I was out of that higher risk window, which is probably a good idea. I graduated from the clinic last week officially and had my first appointment with my own OBGYN this week, so the time has come!

Today, I am actually 12 weeks pregnant. I have been so behind on my blog, partially because I knew I needed to be and partially because life happens and I’ve been SO busy. After transfer, I wasn’t able to lift anything 20+ lbs for 12 days until after my second Bets test. I am so blessed to have good friends here (and an older daughter) that we’re so helpful and supportive during this time. April and Miriel literally saved my life! One of them was with me every single day from the time Mailee left for work until Salem’s bedtime. I’m sure it was some long days for them but I so appreciate them and their help!

I have loved this journey so far. I’m officially also off my injection medications. I was able to stop those at 10 weeks and that has been SUCH a nice and welcome change. I have been feeling sick for the past few weeks which has really kicked my butt some days. Morning sickness is a joke, it’s definitely all day long. In fact, my sickness typically starts off very low or not there in the morning and progressively gets worse throughout the day. I am taking Unisom at night to help combat it and most days it does the job pretty well! The past few days I’ve actually felt great unless I don’t eat for too long. Then it’s a nightmare haha.

All of it has been more than worth it, though! Sweet little surrobabe is growing perfectly and everything has been great. At our last ultrasound with the clinic the baby was in there bouncing, stretching and so active. It was really cool to have so many early ultrasounds. There was SO much significant change every two weeks that I went in, it was truly amazing to watch. Time has been flying by and I’m so excited that this journey is underway. Thanks for the support everyone!

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