Time to Talk About Transfer!!

Alright, we are finally getting caught up and to the best stuff! I meant to write this post a little closer to Christmas but we got busy for the holidays and am just now getting to it. But this will be the best one yet! So exciting.

So a couple of weeks prior to transfer I was a bit stressed out. I thought I had arranged two possible friends to go with me, but both had things come up and they could no longer travel the week I was scheduled. And once I had started meds my transfer date wasn’t exactly negotiable, but they did want me traveling with someone if at all possible and not going alone. It was a 3-day trip to L.A. and I’m so glad I had the epiphany to ask my new friend here in Texas, April. It took a bit of juggling and figuring out the details, but it all worked out perfectly! We left for California on Tuesday afternoon, with my transfer scheduled for the following day.

Me & my awesome traveling companion! ❤️

We got to California and after a long Uber ride to the other side of a busy city during traffic, we finally arrived at our awesome little Airbnb. It was so cozy and cute! We walked to a nearby sushi place, because that’s the one thing I new I had to had before transfer. It was amazing! Probably the best sushi I’ve had in years. We also had big plans for a glass of wine in the hot tub lit back when we got back. Those plans didn’t actually work out so well. In the famous words of April, it ended up being “the lukewarm tub of disappointment.” My favorite description EVER. We tried to stick it out for maybe 30 minutes hoping it would warm up and get better, but it was pretty awful and we had to just cut our losses after so long.

So much hope, such a sad outcome. Lol. But at least we had fun.

We ended up chilling in the rental and watching Riverdale, which ended up being perfect anyways! I ended up LOVING the show and basically binging it on Netflix after we got home haha. It was a great distraction for a few weeks! So, fast forward to Wednesday. I was pretty exhausted because I could NOT sleep at all. I was too nervous and excited for transfer. We didn’t have to be at the clinic until 1 pm, which was perfect because it gave me time to do ALL the old wives tales before we went. They say if you eat pineapple, wear fuzzy socks, drink pomegranate juice, eat Brazilian nuts and eat French fries (after) on the day of transfer, it’s supposed to increase the likelihood your body will succeed and accept the transfer. I know it’s all woo, but hey, it’s fun sometimes to do superstitious things! So that we did.

We went and got smoothies for breakfast and I made sure mine had pineapple. We went fairly far to Target and I hunted down a TINY pack of trail mix that I finally found that included Brazil nuts. I literally looked through their entire nut section for at least 20-30 minutes. Thank god April was patient and still loves me lol. We finished there just in time to hurry back to the Airbnb so I could give myself my PIO shot before heading to transfer. It was a busy morning.

On the ride to the clinic and while we were waiting I swear my heart was beating out of my chest. I was so ready but also just excited and nervous. I had to do some paperwork and then we waited for quite a while because I needed a full bladder and definitely didn’t have one. I drank a ton and we waited. It ended up being perfect because I was able to charge my phone so I could video call with my IPs for the whole process. They finally called me back, went over the procedure and I got changed and was waiting for my doctor to get ready and come back. I met my whole awesome team while there and it was so exciting for me! I’ve been talking to these nurses and the doctor for months at this point and felt like I already knew them!

All ready, just waiting for the doctor.
I don’t look as nervous as I felt I don’t think. Haha. I had to wear a shirt with pineapples for good luck, too!

The whole transfer process, the actual transfer, only takes a few seconds. It’s not even painful or uncomfortable at all. It felt like it was over SO quickly. After so long and so much leading up to it, it all came down to that quick, few second process. And just like that, it was over. We transferred one perfect little embryo and after, it’s just lots of hope. I knew I had done EVERYTHING right up to that point. All signs my body was showing was that I was ready. But it’s not uncommon for transfers to fail. So there’s always uncertainty and I was a bit worried, but knew there was nothing I could do. I just had to trust my body and trust the process and know that it would be okay either way. So, that’s what I decided to do!

Loving the LA weather!! Having some kid-free fun.
My baby POM juice bottle with all the gorgeous flowers 🌸 blooming.
I do NOT eat McDonald’s French fries (the technically aren’t vegetarian) but I made an exception just this once, cuz you know, wives tales.
We definitely had a good time!!

That’s about all for my adventure to L.A. I had never been to that part of the city before and we had a good time exploring and trying new places. We found some awesome restaurants and stores and had a great time. We even went thrift shopping the morning before we flew back to Houston! It was truly a great experience all around and I’m so glad everything worked out the way it did. April is my best friend here and this definitely brought us closer. I feel so blessed to finally be on this journey. I feel like I’ve waited a lifetime and finally, here we are. It’s so amazing to know I’m doing this and accomplishing a true, lifelong goal and dream of mine. Til next time!

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