Getting Ready for Transfer

I thought it had only been about 3 weeks since I updated this blog, but time is flying. With the holidays upon us, I guess I’ve been slacking! I even set a reminder in my phone to remind me to update every few weeks, but it didn’t ever remind me. #fail

In better news, I am officially getting ready for my first transfer. This means I’m going to be on different medications, go to monitoring appointments, and get ready to head out to California to go to the clinic and actually get the transfer done. So much, so fast, but so awesome. I feel like so much has been leading up to this!

I’ve been on my meds for a while now. I take a daily prenatal vitamin and baby aspirin, and I also do injections. The injections will continue until 10 weeks of pregnancy. I start off with Estradiol Valerate, which is the synthetic injectable form of estrogen. All the injectable medications are in oil, but to be honest I’m not totally sure what kind of oil. I haven’t had any negative reactions so we haven’t had to change anything up.

Anyways, the Estradiol is set to be done twice a week. I do my injections on Mondays and Thursdays. They aren’t bad at all. It’s only 2 CC’s each time, which really feels like nothing. They are given intramuscularly in the muscle on my hip, and I give them to myself. I actually did a video of my first one explaining everything, which I will also post. I’m no professional on-camera girl, so forgive me in advance.

Both Skyla and Mailee love watching me give myself shots. It’s pretty funny. They both hate shots and needles so it’s crazy to them. It’s definitely more mental that physical. I know other surrogates who CANNOT give themself shots, but I really have no problem with it. I just don’t think about it, really. #justdoit

I have a calendar from the clinic to stay organized. Thank god for that, and my phone reminders I can set, or I probably wouldn’t remember anything, ever. The only side effect so far has been a worse memory (it already was very subpar thanks to new mom brain) and some days I’m SO tired. The exhaustion is real. I can only imagine how it will get worse once I’m actually pregnant, and still on medications. I remember the first trimester exhausting with Salem, too. Not the most fun, but of course, worth it!

The promised documentation of my first ever injection! I was pretty nervous, not gonna lie. Now it’s totally normal to me.

All in all, I feel pretty good and I’m excited to go forward! Luckily I found an awesome friend to go with me on my trip and Mailee will be able to take 3 days off to be home with the girls. We were debating whether to get a sitter for 3 days or what to do, but I felt better knowing Salem had her own home and bed and mom here with her. Even if I had to go alone to LA, I would choose that. But luckily it’s all getting figured out. I’m lucky I’ve made some really good friends here (finally).

My next update will be about transfer and how that went. I’ll update you all soon, probably sometime next week. This is when the fun starts!! I have gotten behind but I don’t want to get ahead of myself yet, either! Haha. For now I’m just focused on my kids, my family and doing everything I can for this transfer to go well. Following my schedule, going to my appointments, and everything else! I’ve already been to a couple of appointments, but I’ll save those for the next post. 💕

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