It’s Go Time!

Sooo… as always, it’s been a few weeks since my last post. Life just gets so busy! BUT this is the time we’ve all been waiting for!! Things are getting so real, and SO exciting really fast. I can’t believe I’m finally to this point.

Legal contracts are officially, well, official! They are signed by all and filed with the Texas court system. Now I can say that I AM a surrogate. I am! I love that. Maybe more than I should, but hey. Just as long as my IP’s have waited for this day, I have too. And I am so, so excited to be on this journey with them.

Not my actual contract (or hand, I am not 110% jaundice lol).

The next thing on the now much longer list of things to do was to get some baseline bloodwork done so that we knew where I was at. That would tell us when to have me stop taking my birth control pills and to start taking the IVF medications. I went and got that done, and amid issues, we will get it all figure out. I’m starting to feel like in this process there’s just a WHOLE LOT of bloodwork over and over again. I’m really glad I have no issues with needles or getting my blood taken. Unlike my wife, who (love her to death, but) most definitely could not handle this.

My ever growing picture of “proof” (as if I need it 😂) that I got my blood taken for something.

As I’m pretty happy for a long list of to do’s, though. All the waiting was actually nerve wracking, not relaxing in the least. Haha. So I’m glad things are on the move. It feels pretty surreal to be honest, but I’m sure as time goes on things will settle in and get more real very quickly.

As for what’s going on in life in general, just more of the same! It hasn’t been a full month for once and so I don’t have new monthly pictures of Salem to share. I’m just busy as ever, playing mom, wife and tia/auntie everyday. But I love it!

#surrogate #surrogacy #IVF #ips #ip #sureobabe #pregnancy #bloodwork #doctors #process #legal #contracts #gotime #love

#suI can now say I’m pretty positive I’ll be back before too long with more updates! Can’t wait!!

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